Natural Desiccated Thyroid: Costs and Savings

How much are you paying – and should you pay – for your natural desiccated thyroid (NDT) medication?


The cost of NDT depends on the dosage size, but using a dosage of 60/65 mg (1 grain), you can expect to pay a copay of $10-$50 if it’s covered by insurance, or from around $11 up to as much as $100 retail cash price for a 30-day/one-month supply.


When NDT drugs are on backorder and there are shortages, or there are FDA recalls, the prices of NDT tend to rise.


Here are some key pointers on how to get the best price: 

  • Be aware that Armour® Thyroid is significantly more expensive than the other NDT drugs. (There is no clear reason why, other than name recognition.)

  • When it’s available, RLC's Nature-Throid® is usually the best value.

  • When it’s available, Acella's NP Thyroid® is designated as a generic equivalent to Armour® Thyroid, and is significantly less expensive than Armour ®.

  • Be careful about pharmacies that tell you they don't have your prescribed NDT drug available, and attempt to substitute a different brand – or even levothyroxine. Some pharmacies receive financial incentives for promoting specific brands. 

  • Always ask your pharmacist which is less: the retail price, or your price with an insurance copay. (The retail cash price is frequently lower than your copay, but you won't know unless you specifically ask.) 

  • Always check both GoodRx and SingleCare for discount prices, because they have different coupons and savings, and they can change frequently. 

  • If your NDT is covered by insurance, you may get some savings by using the insurance company’s mail order refill service.

  • For uninsured or retail price cash purchase of NDT, a mail order pharmacy is a cost-saving option

To get the best price, I suggest you compare prices with several recommended resources/pharmacy services:


GoodRx lets you compare prices at local pharmacies, using GoodRx coupons and discount cards.


SingleCare lets you compare prices at local pharmacies using SingleCare coupons and discount cards.


HoneybeeHealth is a mail order pharmacy – and the only one offering you the option of identifying fillers, dyes and other excipients in your medications, and specifying which generic to take. They have free shipping, and accept no insurance, but have generally the lowest prices.


NP Thyroid / Generic Natural Desiccated Thyroid

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