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If you still don’t feel well on your thyroid treatment, you need a Thyroid Tuneup. The 2021 Thyroid Tuneup program includes a 3-part online, on-demand video workshop, which explains everything you need to know about optimizing your thyroid treatment.

Topics covered include:

•    reference/normal ranges vs. optimal ranges for thyroid tests
•    all your treatment options
•    antibodies and autoimmunity
•    Reverse T3
•    adrenal and sex hormone imbalances
•    foods and supplements that can help your thyroid


and much more. 


In addition to the on-demand videos, the program includes a full-length book, the 2021 Thyroid Tuneup Owner’s Manual. The program also includes four free gifts:

•     Full-length Thyroid Meditation MP3 audio program
•    The Two-Week Energy Overhaul Guide
•    Thyroid Thin Guide
•    Hair, Brows and Lashes Guide


You can learn more about the program and get your copy at

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