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WP Thyroid® (Thyroid USP) Tablets 


WP Thyroid® is a specialized NDT drug. Going back to the original Westhroid® formulation in the 1930s, WP Thyroid® has a history of many decades of safe use, and has never been involuntarily recalled by the FDA. WP Thyroid® was designed for enhanced absorption, and the pills have no coatings, making them dissolve easily and quickly for faster absorption. WP Thyroid® was designed with limited excipients from natural sources, including chicory and coconut. (Some prescribers and patients report improved absorption and better control of their hypothyroidism as a result.) WP Thyroid® is designated as hypoallergenic and is gluten-free. WP Thyroid® also contains no artificial colors, artificial flavors, soy, yeast, egg, fish or shellfish, corn, peanut, or rice.


Manufacturer: RLC Labs

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Prescribing information / Product Insert:

Inactive Ingredients and Excipients: Inulin (derived from chicory root), Medium Chain Triglycerides (derived from coconut), Lactose Monohydrate (trace amounts found in all Thyroid USP)

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IMPORTANT NOTICE ABOUT SHORTAGES: If you prefer WP Thyroid and are having difficulty getting this medication as a result of the FDA, learn about custom-compounding using the active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) from Nature-Throid's manufacturer, RLC Labs. 

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