Major New Study Shows Patients Prefer Natural Desiccated Thyroid

According to new research, the majority of people with hypothyroidism who switch to natural desiccated thyroid (NDT) feel that it works better than levothyroxine.

Researchers reviewed 700 online posts from three online thyroid forums, and found that 81% of the patients felt that natural desiccated thyroid was moderately to majorly effective, and 77% said it was more effective than levothyroxine.

Among the patients studied, 47% changed to NDT because they had no improvement in symptoms on levothyroxine, 24% had side effects from levothyroxine, and 22% said that levothyroxine resulted in no change in their overall well-being.

Speicifically, 28% of patients mentioned improvement in fatigue, and 17% reported less weight gain.

The findings were reported in a presentation to the Endocrine Society in March of 2020, and published in the journal Medicina in April.

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